Saturday, July 14, 2018

Modular Kitchen cleaning and Hygiene

Cleaning of kitchen cabinets is very essential. It reflects a family's health-consciousness. That's exactly why kitchen management is necessary. Bottom Drawers/ Trolleys fitted on base mounted channels or on wheels are easy to remove. It facilitates cleaning of the floor underneath.
Detachable baskets facilitate you time to time cleaning of kitchen system.
Ventilation inside the kitchen cabinet is also important to protect it from stell smell and pests.
Tubular carcass for base kitchen cabinet keeps good ventilation inside the kitchen system.
Cockroaches and pests:
Using a cockroach trap along with Nani trap below the sink and wash basin is essential to maintain hygiene. Ensure that there are no gaps or holes left behind kitchen cabinets. You can fill up the gaps if any while painting of the room.

Using jute cloth to cover the top of the wall cabinets and tall cabinets is advisable. It saves your cabinet from getting greasy and sticky because of kitchen fumes as well as keeps cockroaches away.

Ultramodern crusher: Separate your dry and wet kitchen waste. Wet garbage can be disposed of by kitchen crusher which can be fitted under the sink.
Working of crusher: At the push of a button, the crusher grinds leftovers into a slurry and sends them down the drain. It avoids sink overflow and its forceful working makes your sink, drain pipe, and drainage chamber cockroaches free. Remember cockroaches don’t enter your home from doors or windows but they search their way from drainage chamber.

And don’t forget to vacuum clean and timely pest control your kitchen and cabinets

Adeetya's Kitchen System, India.