Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Which Modular Kitchen Shall I buy?

It is said route to heart goes through tongue. Kitchen is the focal point of every home where family spends maximum quality time. It is the place to share, celebrate and enjoy the best moments of life. Route to heart hence really goes through the kitchen.
Beautiful and well equipped, ultra-modern kitchen is a dream of every housewife.
It's her domain reflecting her unique personality. Therefore selecting right kitchen has now got importance as that system may serve the buyer for forthcoming years.

In the crowded market many kitchen agencies are providing services but where to buy ‘Merawala Kitchen’ is really very confusing as there are many types of kitchen system available in Indian Kitchen market.

We would like to focus on Selection Of House Hold Kitchen System in this blog post. 
The varieties of kitchen system available are:

1. Modular Kitchen.
2. Prefab Indian kitchens 
3. Carpenters Kitchens  
4. Hardware shops kitchen 

Let us know more about it.

Modular kitchen can be installed when civil platform (Kitchen platform provided by builders)
does not exist. It is a set of wooden boxes or carcasses made up of particleboard, arranged
in series either straight, "L" shape or "C" shape with granite or marble as a top.
Accessories made in fixed dimensions can only be fitted inside the carcasses. The main
concept behind this type of kitchen system is that cabinets are below & above the platform
with shelf & accessories. These kitchens are very easy to install and takes little time.

This concept is popular in western countries where kitchen activity mainly consists of less cooking and more of warming the ready food. In Indian conditions where cooking involves lot of preparation and where use of water for preparation and cleaning the kitchen top is very common, modular kitchens face some limitations as the base raw material is particle board. In few families where life style has changed like western, modular kitchens are preferred for their beautiful looks.

Modular kitchens are considered as an expensive kitchen as the basic range starts from Rs 2,00,000 and above. These kitchens are available in various door finishes like Post Form Doors, Membrane Doors, and Poly-urethane Doors. Accessories are available in stainless steel and PVC coated types. Kitchen agencies offer design for your kitchen at nominal cost. If you are planning for Modular Kitchen, you must not construct the civil kitchen platform.

As the name suggests these kitchens are invented in India considering Indian cooking 
habits - style and their origin is Pune. All finishes that modular kitchens agencies provide
are available with these kitchens too. The pre-fabricated Indian kitchen system consists of
drawer, baskets, trolleys, pullouts, different accessories & overhead cabinets tailor-made as
per the requirement, as per the dimensions available between the two supports below the
civil kitchen platform designed according to the family size and life style. Long life tubular
structure replaces particleboard carcass.

It can be installed, as a ready kitchen when civil platform does not exist. Granite or marble top is mounted on pre fabricated square pipe structure of basic kitchen system. It can be made when civil platform does not exist and it's tailor-made. Sometimes customer may prefer ready kitchen as an extension to existing civil platform. This platform can be taken out & shifted to a desired place if required. It looks like any international kitchen system. These custom made kitchens are more users friendly and durable than any other kitchen system. These kitchens are more popular and the basic range starts from Rs. 50,000/-.. Indian Prefab Kitchen agencies also offer design for your kitchen at nominal cost.  If you are planning for Modern Indian Kitchen, you must plan before construction of the civil kitchen platform.

These kitchens are manufactured in factories and the installation can be made in little time
at site. Many times people call it as a modular kitchen because of their looks but remember,
these kitchens are different from modular kitchens and are in budgets of everyone

3. Carpenters Kitchens- 

Applying traditional carpentry techniques using plywood or block board for frame below civil kitchen platform makes these kitchens. Accessories available in hardware shops can be put inside and looks are fare traditional. In these kitchens selection of raw material and workmanship is very important, as an after sale service is main issue.
Deformation due to weather may occur due to use of substandard material. These kitchens are considered as a cheaper option but it is seen, after completion of job it costs same as that of Prefab Indian kitchens. The limitation of these kitchens face is its manufacturing at site takes too much of time, professional services, after sales services are not available.
These kitchens preferred when carpentry of entire house is planned. Now a days many carpenters get the basic frame and kitchen system done by prefab kitchen agency as it reduces the time and provide their expert carpentry service for kitchen doors. Surprisingly percentage of getting kitchen done from carpenters is also high.

4. Hardware shops kitchen-
Again considered as a cheaper option for kitchen. Ready made kitchen systems with frame and accessories are available in many hardware shop. Carpentry work is done on contract basis if required. Although its not their specialization, shopkeepers are happy to operate side business as it is in demand and they can sale other fittings as well. These kitchens are available on per Kg basis. Since these kitchens are manufactured in unorganized sector while purchasing these kitchens make sure about quality of raw material, grades of stainless steel, quantity and weights, warranty and after sales service. Since manufactured in unorganized sector the professional services, after sales services are not available.

All together one has to make survey for their dream kitchen and select right and suitable one for you; otherwise unfortunately you may bought mental harassment after spending so much.

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