Saturday, December 10, 2016

Modern Indian Kitchen

Globalization has entered into the Indian kitchens.  A lady using a laptop or a tab in kitchen to prepare some exotic recipe is no more a surprising sight. Today's era is the era of social networking. More and more people are getting access to huge information from around the world at a click. Emerging global culture is fusion culture wherein the best trends from around the world are adopted and individual specific lifestyle is created.
Homemade food is back in fashion. People are getting health conscious and more and more people prefer homemade food over outside, roadside food or even the restaurant food. Modern, well-equipped and thoughtfully designed kitchens have become hyper-essential.
Designing kitchens is a challenge for a designer. The designer has to consider various factors like natural elements, available space, family tradition and size, cooking pattern, placement of appliances, etc. before designing a kitchen. When all these factors are in harmony, a healthy, inspiring ambience is created in the kitchen. 

In 1996 Adeetya’s kitchens from Pune, Maharashtra, India invented Prefabricated Kitchen System’ and developed a unique concept "Modern Indian Kitchen" that revolves around unique Indian cooking style and employment of ultramodern equipment in kitchen. 

Adeetya’s Kitchen system is designed for Indian Rasoi Ghar, to suit individual requirement and fit into individual budget. It is designed after considering number of family members, their life-style, tradition, storage pattern, age, etc.
A lot of water is used in Indian kitchens for preparations and cleaning. Tubular steel carcass is rust proof and inert of effects of water making it long lasting. The factory made tubular carcasses are made in tailor-made dimension and enough care for ventilation is taken to minimize the problem of insect and pest. The stainless steel structure last for lifetime.

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